Zydex pharma turinabol

This is the first time I have problems with a source and yet I order often.
Payment and communication were ok but do not be fooled by that.
Eddie does not respect what he says.
It will give you a return of 10% if you pay with bitcoins, 10% that you will never see.
Until then, I thought it was not so bad ; I accepted.
After a long time, I politely asked him if he had forgotten to send me my order.
He replied that he would send me proof that it was sent.
Then, no more news.
I rewrite to say that it is only normal that I expect to receive what I paid for.
And boom, he tells me : I believe you are a scammer and will no longer be assisting you. (in psychology it's called projection)
I am a scammer just because I asked for what I paid for ?
So I "lost" my money !
Back to my other reliable sources.
Sorry, I regret having tried BigBearPharma !!!

-Pharmacom Tren E:
I've been using the Tren E for 12 weeks @350mg e5d (~500mg/w) in my bulk (together with EQ and Test E).
The first impression when i got the gear: Great and professional presentation of packaging.
When I pinned the gear I had minimal pip which completely disappeared over time.
I am sure this stuff is 100% legit:
During the cycle I've been having very strong Tren sweats (had to change my shirts multiple times in the middle of the night). I also have been tired all day long and couldn't do much against it but motivate myself to keep going.
All in all I gained ~14 pound in 12 weeks and somehow got leaner and more vascular (mainly due to EQ I guess).
My strength went though the roof. I've never been that strong. I liked that feeling of "almightiness".

Zydex pharma turinabol

zydex pharma turinabol