Steroid pulled muscle

Recently my husband & I moved. Both of us are in our 50's. We were both taken by surprise at our aching muscles from the move as we are fairly active people. We didn't wish to take anything over the counter for our pain. Our Chiropractor recommended getting Epsom Salts (magnesium) to place into a tub of hot water to soak in. The directions were on the outside of the package. Place two cups into bath water and soak your body. I added a few drops of Pure Essential Oil, Lavendar to the bath as I needed a good nights rest. We slept like babies, totally pain free. We would recommend this highly to anyone able to get in and out of a tub. We repeated it nightly for several nights until the soreness had totally faded.

Hello, so today i tried doing split during aerial silks class and #1 happened to me. The “crrrkkkkkhhh” was really pretty loud too sounded pretty scary at the moment,. right butt cheek/ hamstring. Having trouble walking and sitting. Whats the difference betweena pulled , strained and tear muscle and how do i know which happened to me? Also how long does this usually take to recover? Im doing alot of training with the silks and ashtanga yoga and lifting weights, so im pretty concerned if i should rest for next couple days and take it easy. Anything advice on things i should do to help heal faster? I tried icing it and stretching a bit , should i put a heater on my butt? Lol please help!!!

Steroid pulled muscle

steroid pulled muscle


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