Steroid induced eczema

i have this exact symptom after 1 week of TSW (I was on TS for about 7 months, twice daily application to my face.. not sure how strong it was, but i think it was relatively mild). Now whole face is covered in yellow flakes, exactly as you described.. Also I never had the flares etc as you mentioned others often do - nope I never did.. mine was always quite consistent. Anyway - just wondering how long the flakes lasted for you, and if the coal tar soap (which doesnt contain any coal tar btw) worked long term? or if u switched another soap or method etc. Info pls!!

The past 7 weeks have been hard (originally wrote this August 11). But a light at the end of the tunnel started occurring after a BodyTalk session July 30. A long flare turned the corner. Sleep started happening a little bit again – which had gotten pretty outrageous – L was unable to sleep till sometimes, 5, 6, or 7:30AM! Then he had an anaphylactic reaction to milk on Monday, August 5, which ironically seems to have sped up his healing process at a remarkable, warp speed rate (in comparison to normal TSW healing rates!). He is fine now, I’ll do a blog post on that another time.

In terms of baths and showers, I pretty much gave up soap and showering for the first year. It was unbearably painful-- I instead took hot baths with a cup or two of epsom salts. Shampooed with regular shampoo every 2 or 3 days. My skin was sensitive and very irritable to just about everything during TSW so I only was able to use Vaseline. I can now use other moisturizers but generally find that I don't need to use moisturizer anymore(sounds crazy but it's true!). I drink a lot of water though--always keep a glass or bottle with me.

Steroid induced eczema

steroid induced eczema


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