Steroid cream for poison ivy

I got into poison ivy over the weekend and despite quick washing with lots of soap several times have started breaking out in random spots. I don’t get much relief with Calamine but seem to have found something much better and REALLY drying – facial mud mask. I happen to have an old tube of Queen Helene’s Mint mud and am really happy with the relief. I am covered in green spots, but it’s no worse than pink ones and I’m not too itchy. It will be great fun at school tomorrow – what a conversation starter! I’ve covered the spots pretty thickly and added bandaids to help keep the sheets clean tonight.

Plantain is my go-to for skin irritations of all sorts. I’m currently curing my daughter’s eczema with it, for instance. I tried it on poison ivy to no avail, but I believe that’s because the poison ivy rash is akin to a chemical burn. I believe it may prove helpful in removing the calcium oxalate from the skin, per Angelyn’s suggestion, and it will likely clear up the irritation and provide relief pretty much immediately from the itch. It’s the remedy from ancient times for all manner of bug bites, including poisonous insects such as bee stings and spider bites.

Steroid cream for poison ivy

steroid cream for poison ivy


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