Steroid cream for burn scars

If a steroid cream is purchased over the counter, the package should disclose the steroid used, and the strength, such as one percent hydrocortisone cream. Generally, the cream should not be used for more than a week, unless a doctor has specifically recommended an over the counter product for extended use. If the condition does not respond or grows worse, the over the counter cream should be discontinued, and an appointment should be made with a dermatologist , who can examine the site and prescribe a different medication or course of treatment.

Hi Demarcus, have you been wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 since the scar formed? If you haven’t, then the sun is to blame for the darkening of your facial scar and this is the reason why there hasn’t been a scar treatment that has worked for you yet. You’ll need to apply a scar treatment and then sunscreen over it daily going forward. Depending on the how dark the scar is, this could take up to 12 weeks to see a difference. Just keep applying the scar treatment and wearing sunscreen until it has faded – it may not fade completely back to your skin tone, but you should see some degree of fading that is noticeable. Once it has significantly faded, you will then have to only apply sunscreen on a daily basis when your face will be exposed to the sun. The UV rays can reverse any fading that the scar treatment had done.

Steroid cream for burn scars

steroid cream for burn scars


steroid cream for burn scarssteroid cream for burn scarssteroid cream for burn scarssteroid cream for burn scarssteroid cream for burn scars