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The later included the superficially gull -like Ichthyornis , [32] the Hesperornithiformes , which became so well adapted to hunting fish in marine environments that they lost the ability to fly and became primarily aquatic. [29] The early euornithes also saw the development of many traits associated with modern birds, like strongly keeled breastbones, toothless, beaked portions of their jaws (though most non-avian euornithes retained teeth in other parts of the jaws). [33] Euornithes also included the first avialans to develop true pygostyle and a fully mobile fan of tail feathers, [34] which may have replaced the "hind wing" as the primary mode of aerial maneuverability and braking in flight. [28]

“Awesom-o”–Another one of my favorites. Cartman pretends to be Butters’ personal robot to get dirt on him, but when Butters lets it be known that he has video of Cartman in an embarrassing situation, Cartman has to play robot longer than he expected. Soon “Awesom-o” will be used by movie producers to come up with film ideas and be the object the government wants to convert into a weapon. Great scene: when the movie producer asks “Awesom-o” if he’s been programmed to pleasure humans.

Roger snipes steroids

roger snipes steroids


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