Rich piana steroids vs natural

So many things wrong here. I still don’t understand why people “pyramid” their cycles. And I don’t want to hear how it’s easier to come off, half-life remains the same regardless of dose.
Never end a cycle with Tren-E, Tren-A maybe but never E. It’s stubborn metabolites will linger around having a negative impact on PCT and recovering. It also doesn’t go well with EQ, Tren is so much stronger that it will over power the EQ. It’s basically unnecessary. Also, if you’re going to run orals, do it at the beginning not the end. Reason being that the orals will kick is quicker then the injectables. It’s all about synergy, this cycle is all over the place. Can tweak it and get much better results.
A few other things I can mention but I’ll leave it at that.

Death is a natural part of life, however when a bodybuilder dies in this manner it can’t be helped that the question arises as to what substances the athlete was taking. While all the information isn’t available at this time, it does seem somewhat suspicious that a man at 34 years of age would pass so suddenly. Take a look at the video, courtesy of  Shreyas Kamath Fitness , which gives a deeper explanation of the unfortunate occurrence and how Vinaya Raj, the deceased, passed away and a bit of background on the man’s past.

Rich piana steroids vs natural

rich piana steroids vs natural


rich piana steroids vs naturalrich piana steroids vs naturalrich piana steroids vs naturalrich piana steroids vs naturalrich piana steroids vs natural