Prop 200 steroids

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The X-chromosome has played a crucial role in the development of sexually selected characteristics for over 300 million years. During that time it has accumulated a disproportionate number of genes concerned with mental functions. For reasons that are not yet understood, there is an excess proportion of genes on the X-chromosome that are associated with the development of intelligence, with no obvious links to other significant biological functions. [24] [25] . In other words, a significant proportion of genes associated with intelligence is passed on to the male offspring from the maternal side and to the female offspring from either/both maternal and paternal has also been interest in the possibility that haploinsufficiency for one or more X-linked genes has a specific impact on development of the Amygdala and its connections with cortical centres involved in social–cognition processing or the ‘social brain'. [24] [26] [ clarification needed ]

Prop 200 steroids

prop 200 steroids


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