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Mad mikes builds are so inspired! As a lifelong rotor fan, and always having 1 rotor car on the driveway for the past 20 years, mike, as a fellow Rotorhead, has introduced me to his world, the world of drifting. Having previously been a keen f1 fan, and Sportscars, especially the Grouo C sportscars, i am increasingly finding my choice is to tune in to formula drift. The cars are pretty awesome, but personally id prefer it if there was more relevance to the brand. ie, the donor engine needs to be from the same family as the chassis. 

Its nothing short of spectacular what mikes achieved. PPRE who build his amazing engines in little old Wanganui, have achieved what the best of mazdaspeeds factory programme struggled with. So huge credit to Warren and his team. Mazda is due massive credit, not sure if its mazda japan, or Mazda New Zealand, but if its just Mazda NZ, then Mazda Japan needs to get on board as well!

Although it was great to see the other drifters tearing up lord marchs driveway, it was Mad Mike that was again the star drifter at Goodwood this year, and Mazda, Rotary fans and the sport of drifting couldnt have a better brand ambassador. Go Mad Mike, keep it ROTARY, Rotary for life!

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Met rx world's strongest man steroids

met rx world's strongest man steroids


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