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 The institute is equipped with the state of the art facilities for operating cataract including day care cataract surgeries under topical anaesthesia ( no prick, no stitch, minimal incision phacoemulsification) including premium IOLS(Toric/Multifocal) The patients are first evaluated in detail clinically about the eye condition. This includes visual acuity assessment, Intra ocular pressure measurement, dilated slit lamp examination to grade the cataract level, Fundus examination to rule out other causes of decreased vision. Once the detailed examination is done the patients are counseled for surgery in terms of types of IOL and the financial aspects of the treatment. We keep in mind the socioeconomic status of the patient and try to give them the best package. We schedule the surgery date as per patients convenience, once scheduled for surgery we go ahead with other routine investigations like blood examination and Blood Pressure measurements. The specific eye investigation includes Biometry (A-scan and Keratometry) to calculate the power of the implant to be placed.

Katarak karena steroid

katarak karena steroid


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