Faer steroids review

Charman and other researchers in the department of dermatology at Queens Medical Centre asked 200 patients or parents of patients with atopic eczema to fill out a questionnaire about their attitudes toward corticosteroid creams. They found almost three-quarters of the responders worried about using corticosteroid creams on their own or their child's skin . The most common concerns were the risk of skin thinning, which was feared by almost 35% of those surveyed. Twenty-four percent feared long-term effects in general, and almost 10% were afraid of possible effects on a child's growth and development.

In reality, the only possible way that the use of steroids could be considered unfair with any validity at all, is if some athletes were strictly tested for the drugs and others were not. Even in this example, it would be the testing that is unfair, not the drugs themselves. I know how much people love to entirely change the argument when their backs are up against my wall of logic, so I’m sure that some people will read this and argue that steroids should be banned from sports because they are dangerous. However, I am not specifically making a case for steroids to be allowed in sports, nor am I discussing their health effects, I am simply making a case against the notion that the use of steroids is unfair. In closing, if you can read this entire piece and still believe that steroids are unfair, then you are probably brainwashed beyond repair, unfortunately. Don’t worry though, you are far from alone, as being brainwashed to believe complete and utter nonsense is the American way.

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Faer steroids review

faer steroids review