Bautista jose steroids

And they stay there, even though Bautista has deposited clean urine into dozens of test cups, even though, when asked whether he would have used steroids back in the 1990s, he says: "No. That's not my nature. I didn't cheat on tests in school. I don't skip working out and use something else to boost my performance. I try to be the best at anything I can be, that being school, baseball. Whatever I take serious, I do it to get better, to learn and to be successful. I'm not going to half-ass anything. My success is based on hard work, dedication and perseverance. I have no shame in talking about it, and I have nothing to hide. So when people ask those questions, if that's what I've got to deal with because of my success, I'll deal with it. I know I haven't done anything wrong. Whatever. I'll face whatever questions anyone has."

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Bautista jose steroids

bautista jose steroids


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